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At American Carpet Cleaners we provide our customers with quality carpet cleaning at the most affordable price anywhere in Indianapolis and all surrounding areas.

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Over time your carpet will get dirty and need to be professionally cleaned. Dirt, oils and other outside pollutants will soil your carpet quickly. It will not only look dirty and unattractive but will also wear out MUCH faster costing you THOUSANDS of dollars to replace.

Having your carpets cleaned by American Carpet Cleaners on a regular basis can make your carpet look and smell new again. It will also dramatically increase the life of your carpet SAVING YOU THOUSANDS of dollars in replacement cost!

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No matter how many spots, stains, pet spots or heavily soiled areas you may have, American Carpet Cleaners can help! The best part about it? We include ALL spots and stains (no matter what kind they are) with every carpet cleaning at no extra charge! No up selling or paying for things that should already be included.


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