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Pet Spot and Odor Removal - Indianapolis

At American carpet cleaners we specialize in removing pet urine and odor. Lets face it, we all LOVE our pets like family but sometimes they can have an accident on our carpet. With the exception of very small “fresh” urine stains, all pet stains must be treated with an enzyeme and stain remover. If the pet urine has soaked into the padding then the area must be flushed in order to get the best removal results.

Most Indianapolis carpet cleaning companies charge extra for any type of pet spot removal. The also charge extra to deodorize the area after they have cleaned it! At American carpet cleaners we believe you shouldn’t have to pay for normal spot or stain removal. Even pet spots are free with us. Think about it…. you call a carpet cleaner to “clean” your carpet and the spots from your carpet. You don’t call a carpet cleaner to clean “around” the spots right? Then why would they charge extra to clean it in the first place? NEVER PAY EXTRA for normal spot or odor removal no matter what the spot may be!

American carpet cleaners of Indianapolis includes all pet urine and odor removal with every carpet cleaning we do. No need to worry about being nickle-and-dimed to death with extra charges because it’s all included with us. And remember our 100%  best price guarantee… we will match and beat any legitimate Indianapolis carpet cleaning company’s advertised price or written quote for same service or it’s free!

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